Heavy Cotton - 2"

 These 2” wide 100% cotton hanging-strops can be paired with a leather strop to offer the option of ‘linen then leather’ method. When used as a substrate for abrasive pastes, sprays and compounds, they really sing. The fabric and weave is heavy, but not too aggressive – it’s seemingly just right for Crox, TI White paste, diamond sprays or whatever. 

Another application is for use immediately after shaving – to dry and clear the blade. Normally – even after rinsing, bits of skin, soap, hair, etc, seem to linger. These strops gently clear all of that away while drying off every last bit of moisture on the bevel and edge. 

I make these up from 100% cotton webbing that is woven here in the USA. The rivets are Chicago-type, and they’re nickel-plated brass – also made here in the USA. The imported swivel hook is chrome plated steel. 

Cotton Strop Dual 1
Cotton Strop Dual 2.jpg
Cotton Strop Single Black 1.jpg
Cotton Strop Single White 1.jpg

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