Vintage Cotton - 3"

Three Inch Web Red Stripe 1.jpg

I'm not sure exactly how old this webbing is, but there is some very slight yellowing to the, what is otherwise, white cotton webbing. The red stripes running parallel to the edges are reminiscent of mid-1900s barbershop gear that had a medicinal vibe to it. I remember my old barber here in Brooklyn had an autoclave built into his work station, and his towels all had thin red stripes on them.

The webbing is 100% cotton, the bolsters are leather, and the hardware is nickel-plated steel. My caliper reads the thickness at just a hair over 2.0 mm, which is substantial but not ‘heavy’. 

The weave is pretty tight and smooth, and overall - the fabric is very supple.  The draw is fast, and it’s very effective at cleaning off and tuning up a straight razor’s edge.

Three Inch Web Red Stripe 2
Three Inch Web Red Stripes 3.jpg

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