Traditional Linen - 3"

This style of Linen Webbing is woven with a traditional herringbone pattern that presents quite nicely. It’s a thinner type of fabric, and, as a result, it has a bit of stretch and give to it; the effect is an effective yet easy-peasy stropping experience.

The fibers in this linen material are of a lighter gauge than those in the fire hose strops; while less aggressive, the thinner threads provide some added flexibility. 

I’ve fitted both ends with a horse hide leather bolster, and the hardware is nickel-plated steel. The ends of the fabric are folded and sewn with vintage cotton thread to prevent fraying. 

Because this fabric is a full 3” wide, it’s an excellent choice for a second component for the Clydesdale and Mustang Horse Hide Strops. At the same time, it’s also very effective as a separate hanging ‘linen’ that can be paired with any single-component leather strop.

Herringbone Linen 1.jpg

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