Tomo-Chromo finishing paste has a particle size of .3 µm. 

This is not so typical Chromium Oxide; or “ Chromox”. 

Most of the green paste we see for ‘straight razors’ is actually an industrial abrasive that was produced without much concern for consistency in particle shape, and size. You’ll see .5µm ‘Crox’ for sale and if you take a look at the results of using it under high-magnification, you can see a tremendous dimensional disparity in the striae. 

After a long quest, I was able to obtain a higher-quality powder, with an actual spec sheet and verified specs that speak to particle shape and PSD. This compound has a spherical particle, and the PSD is exceedingly tight. This yields a much smoother edge, than – say, a compound with needle shaped particles with an abysmal PSD. 

The carrier fluid is Mineral oil.  Shake extremely well for a minute or two before use.

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