140x Pad

The 140x ‘sheet’ or ‘pad’ can be used as a replacement surface for the Atoma 140x, or it can be fixed to the back of any Atoma plate to create a double-sided diamond stone.   

This is a very coarse grit, it’s best used when needing to remove a lot of material from the stone. Cleaning up the scratches left by the Atoma 140x is best handled by the Atoma 400x, which leaves a very clean working surface on many stones. 

Directions for Use

The back of the pad has 3 adhesive strips.

Wipe down the chosen surface of the host Atoma with alcohol to be sure every bit of grime and dirt has been removed.

Pull off the protective covers on all 3 strips. 

Carefully line up the sheet with the chosen surface.

Press it into place on the backing plate.

The bond is instant, there is no working time.

Something tells me that letting the assembly sit for a full day is a good idea.  

Made in Japan

140 Sheet 1.jpg

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