400x Plate

400 Plate 1

Atoma 400x Diamond Lapping Plate - Made in Japan

The Atoma 400x diamond plate is the best, finest and most efficient lapping plate out there. Even though there are other larger plates, and cheaper plates – the Atoma wins, hands down, when it comes to being the right tool for the right job. 

If I was only going to have one diamond plate, it would be this one. However, since I lap an incredible number of stones, I put a 140x ‘sheet’ on the back of my 400x so I have both grits available on one plate. 

These plates cut through very hard stone very quickly and cleanly. While I still recommend following up lapping any stone with a session or two on 600x w/d paper, the Atoma 400x leaves very little ‘clean-up’ work to do.   

The only type of stone I don’t recommend using these on are the hardest Arkansas stones and other similar types of hones like very hard Charnwoods, Agates, Etc. Translucent Arks and many other types of super–hard glassy stones will put a good bit of wear on one of these plates. While that might seem like a fast way to break the diamond surface in, I’d defer to using SIC powder for that task. 

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