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NOX-ALL Barber Hone

These Nox-All barber hones were probably sold by the boatload out of the legendary Sears and Roebuck catalogs.  They are superb Barber Hones – very similar, if not a notch finer, than the fabled 3-Line Swaty hones. This, of course, is my opinion – but after comparing them side by side, that’s my assessment.   

So far as using one of these hones is concerned, the general idea is that a barber would keep one in his pocket and when his straight razor was starting to feel ‘off’, he would run the blade over the barber hone quickly and then strop it vigorously to smooth out any ‘tooth’ left on the cutting edge. 

I’ve found that, prior to putting the blade on one of these hones, putting a bit of soapy water or lather on the honing surface mellows out the cutting action; the resulting edges are markedly more refined and seemingly keener and smoother too.  

So far as ‘grit’ is concerned – it’s hard to target these types of hones accurately. I’m sure, scientifically speaking, that hones of this type not all that ‘fine’. In use though, with the binder being so hard and polished and the abrasive being worn down from use – that the edges they deliver are on par with what we expect from regular hones rated as being 6-12k. I believe that the Nox-All hones place well into the upper part of that range, while the bulk of the garden-variety barber hones are most assuredly rank in the lower part of that scale. 

When touching up a straight on these barber hones, I find it easy enough to surpass any assumed-possible level of refinement that was based purely on its guesstimated ‘grit’. To get the edge ‘there’ , all that’s needed is: a  light touch, some sort of lubricant on the hone, a limited stroke count and some excellent stropping. 

Basically – this Nox-All is one of the finer barber hone offerings out there; perhaps not quite as fine as a Frictionite 00, but definitely approaching that ‘zone’.   

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Approx. Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.0 x 0.4” / 140 x 51 x 10 mm

Weight: 6.9 oz / 196 g

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