Pike Swaty Hone

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Pike Swaty Razor Hone

Ca - 1900-1932

Judging the hone’s appearance upon arrival, I’d say that this Pike Swaty Barber Hone was never used. I lapped the labeled side flat, and conditioned it with some mineral oil.

I’ve used this hone exactly once – and then I resurfaced it back to as-new condition.  

This Swaty is a contender – it rivals the Frictionite 00; arguably, it might be a hair finer too. Whatever the exact grit is, I don’t know. The bevel looked markedly more polished than they usually do when coming off a Barber Hone.

This Swaty put a superlative edge on a razor in 6 strokes and the shave was incredibly smooth and the edge was as keen as it was a few shaves before I felt a need to touch it up.

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