Shapton Pro 5k

 Shapton Professional 5000 Waterstone


This is Shapton’s 5k, or 5000x ‘Pro’ stone. It’s a fairly hard ceramic binder type of hone that is, essentially – a splash and go type. It will take on some water at first but it’ll settle down pretty quickly.

The feedback is clear and easy to read – the working surface has a bit of a wet-velvet sort of honing sensation which is similar to the 1.5k Pro but softer/finer.

The 5k is a fast cutter that leaves a very nice polish. When honing most straight razors, it’ll follow the Pro 1.5k very well – I see no need to put the 2k in between them.

To make a comparison – the Pro 5k is a bit less fine than the Naniwa Chosera/Professional 5k, but still notably finer than the Chosera/Pro 3k. It will give up a very nice polish on the steel. 

I’ve also noticed that the performance of the Shapton Pro 5000, is directly related

to how the stone is lapped. My best efforts here were realized when using a worn Atoma 400. When lapping with a newer DMT 325x, the speed seemed to increase slightly, but the polish was reduced and the striations seemed to be a bit more pronounced. I don’t think any of these observations could ever affect the final outcome; it’s just something that I noticed along the way. 

Approx. Dimensions: 8.25 x 2.75 x 0.6” / 210 x 70 x 15 mm

Shapton 5k 1
Shapton 5k Wet 1.jpg

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