Shapton Pro 8k

Shapton Pro 8k

 Shapton Professional 8000 Waterstone

 Here’s the Shapton Pro 8k, or 8000x ‘Pro’ stone. This is the Japanese version; the actual series name is Ha No Kuromaku. Like the other ‘Pro’ Shaptons, it’s a fairly hard ceramic binder type of hone that is, essentially – a splash and go type. It will take on some water at first but it’ll settle down pretty quickly. 

The 8k’s feedback is very similar to that of the 5k and 1.5k – which is incredibly convenient. It’s clear, easy to read, and each stone ‘speaks’ the same language so there’s no ‘interpreting’ to do. The working surface has a bit of a wet-velvet sort of honing sensation, which is similar to the 1.5k/5k Pro stones but it’s a bit subdued. 

Unlike some other 8k stones, this one leaves a polish that has a bit of haze in it. In other words, it polishes but not to a mirrored surface. When honing straight razors, it’ll follow the Pro 5k perfectly. 

To make a comparison – the Pro 8k is a not nearly as fine as the Naniwa Jyunpaku or Fuji, and just a hair less fine than the 8k Specialty Stone.  

Surfacing this stone is very important – while the 8000x Pro doesn’t load easily, it will polish a bit with extended use. This almost doesn’t matter to me, since I believe in doing a minimal amount of work at this point. But for a heavy honing session, intermittent sessions on a broken-in 1200x lapping plate is helpful.  

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