Scale Repair 1

Crown Sword 1

Broken Scales 101, Pt. 1

Sometimes, scales crack during the unpinning process. Here – I was attempting to remove the blade so I could sand off the rust in the pivot area. The jimps on the bottom were rusty also.

I got the blade out fine – but when I was taking the pin out of the front scale the tip snapped off. The crack went right through the hole for the pivot pin.

Most of the time – when the tip shoots off and goes behind the bench, I call that a catastrophic failure.

But not always; depending on what the scales are made of – sometimes they can be saved. These are some kind of hard rubber, and the break was clean. A few dabs of crazy glue and 2-3 minutes of holding the tip in place with a good amount of pressure has done the trick.

The glue melts the rubber a little bit, and it created what appears to be a really good weld. I let the glue set for a day, just to be sure it cured 100%. Then I sanded them down with 320x, 600x and 1k w/d paper. The final shine was done with Wenol Metal Polish.

These scales are not perfect; truthfully – I could have done more sanding and reshaping. I should have taken a ‘before’ photo but trust me – compared to how they looked when they showed up - they look 100% nicer now.    

The razor is a 6/8 B&S Hamburg Ring. 

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